Itinerary for the Wedding Party

So the most important thing to attend is, of course, the wedding. That's on Saturday, August 19th. The ceremony starts at 4pm and the reception is right afterward. There are however, other fun things going on before and after that. Here's a schedule of what's been planned so far:

Thursday, August 17th:

Girls: The lovely Janie is organizing a bachelorette party in Denver. Girls will be meeting at Janie's house 5:30pm, details will follow.
Her Address is:
3011 Indigo Circle South
Fort Collins, CO

Boys: Something is being planned in standard boy type fashion. All this writer knows is that it's going on on the 17th. Contact Scotty Ledet, or Thomas Propst for info. (or post over in "Planning and Discussion" about it.)

Friday, August 18th:


Bex, Nina and Celeste will be running off to get flowers and then flower arranging will be happening at a TBD location.

If you're willing and the bridal party isn't to hung over from the night before, we'll probably gather everyone that's around at some point in the AM and put you all to work, getting stuff ready and doing super fun last minute stuff.  This day will  probably become a  little more structured as we get closer to the wedding, so we'll keep you posted.

Afternoon/ Evening:

3:30pm Rehearsal at the CSU oval, where the ceremony is taking place. We'll have a bike or two and maybe a tandem on hand so you all can practice riding if you want.

5pm After the rehearsal get your bowling shoes out  because we're going to be eating dinner and bowling a couple frames at Chipper's Lanes (830 N College Ave, Fort Collins). You are welcome and encouraged to bring your children/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife, etc. etc. but please let us know if you will be able to attend and who you will be bringing.

8pm After the bowling has ended the bridesmaids will be adjourning to Janie's house for a bit of a chill out time with 80's movies and margarita's provided by Nina.

Saturday August 19th: Wedding Day!


Bridesmaids: Meet at Janie's (again!) for hair/getting ready.  
Celeste needs to go over this start time with the hair dresser, but our goal is to be ready to leave for the reception location by 2pm and she's got a lot of heads of hair to do!  Anyone feel like planning some sort of easy breakfast situation for a gaggle of bridesmaids?

Groomsmen: The groomsmen will most likely hook up with Aaron and our designated bike wrangler Thomas to go over to Recycled Cycles to rent bikes and load them in a big truck. If you need or want a rental bike, and want to get yours on the truck, Aaron or Thomas need to know about it.


Groomsmen and other male types who have very little design sense and don't know what to do with tissue paper will show up at the oval and help set up chairs and stuff for the ceremony.

All the ladies can head over to the reception site at the lincoln center, and help do... whatever it is those girls are planning on doing. Fluffing table cloths and whatnot. ; )
(I know, you probably won't be done with hair and crap by this point, but whenever you get around to it)


All wedding party folk (and parents / relatives) will need to be at the oval for pictures. You will be posed and shot in interesting positions and we'll try to make it as painless as possible. When you're not taking pictures, we might want some additional help


We have a ceremony, hosted by our family friend Baxter Arnold.


Ride/walk/scoot/drive to the Lincoln Center, where we will have the reception.


Reception. Eat, drink, dance to cheesy music and be merry in general.

Sunday August 20th

For those that are still in town, (no big deal if not) Celeste's parents will be having a BBQ possibly in longmont at the park across from our house. Details will be posted here, or just call Celeste or Aaron for info.


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