Thursday, August 03, 2006

Movin to the Armstrong!

So, the armstrong hotel called. (they were our first choice for a hotel for our wedding night) and they had a room available! So we're going to be staying in a nice suite with a tub and a livingroom etc. overlooking downtown collins. We're kind of excited.

In the end.. i'm sure we'll show up there late at night, collapse on the bed, then wake up just in time for checkout.. but we'll do it in style! ; )

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Scheduling Horror...

Well, it looks like we planned our wedding the same weekend as freshman orientation at CSU. So.. it may be a bit festive. We might have parents and kids walking through our oval.

Ah well, that's life. It'll all add color to the memories of the thing. ; )

Anyway, the point of this rambling post, is that because of freshman orientation, the city's hotels are filling up. So if you're traveling to get here, and you don't have a hotel yet, book one ASAP!

Our list:

travelocity can show you the availability of lots of the bigger name hotels, but you have to punch in date information:


Friday, June 30, 2006

Where are we gonna sleep?!

Celeste and I just realized we hadn't booked a place for the wedding night yet. So we were shopping around.

I just wanted to post really quickly to let people know where we're staying, in case you're on the market for a place to lay your head.

We originally were wanting to stay downtown at the Armstrong Hotel.

However they are booked up with a room block for the weekend. They say some rooms will probably open up mid july. We may still book there.

For the time being, we're booked at the Edwards House:

Which has equally swanky digs, but are a bit more expensive over all. If the armstrong opens up, we'll probably move, as celeste has her heart set on a room over there.

the full list of hotels we dug up can be found here:


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wanna share a hotel room or rental car?

I set up a google groups page, where we can all discuss what's going on with the wedding. Mostly, i'm thinking this will be useful for people in the wedding party that are flying in, and might want to share a room, or a rental car with other people who are also coming in on their own.

All ya hafta do is sign up and make a thread in our google groups discussion. You can find that here:

Just post a thread in there asking for what you need, and we can all comment and respond there.


Lets Ride Bikes!

I added a section to the site describing the skinny about riding bikes for the wedding.

As things progress, this site will be the primary place to get new info, and more often than not, we'll simply link people here, rather than send out more mailings or lengthy emails.

Anyway.. read up on our bike plan. If someone would like to volunteer for the job of 'bike wrangler' we might need one or two of those.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Stuff!

Well, our invites finally got out the door the today, thanks to Ambrose Ferber for the design, and my family for the assembly line 'cropper' treatment applied to each one.

I added a BUNCH of info to the site regarding the itinerary and travel info to help you all plan where to stay and how to get here. I hope it's useful.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the horrors of data loss

Not much new stuff going on in wedding land. Sorry i haven't posted here in... months. (i said it was gonna happen.. didn't i say it?!)

Haven't been doing too much preparation wise, just a few things here and there. We're not stressed out though. We feel like we've got it handled.. well.. with one exception.

The other day Celeste and I were sitting down to do some wedding planning, and I went to pull up the shared folder on my desktop computer where I keep all of our wedding stuff (including the database of everyone we've invited so far). To my surprise, it was gone. All of it. Pretty much every scrap of data we had collected to date... just plain missing. I tried a couple data recovery tools, searched high and low for backups I may have possibly had.. nothing. If it dissapeared, it did it a while ago. : (

So I'm really sad. I've started reconstructing the data we had on people's addresses and info into a new database. This verison is better than the last, but there's nothing I can do to shake this feeling that we're going to end up forgetting someone because I lost the stupid address list.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well, the post office finally came through and the STD's are in the mail. hehe.

Anyway...a big thank you to Julie and Michelle for helping me design and create them. I sure am lucky that Aaron has some super crafty ladies in his family, because god knows I'm not.

Otherwise, wedding planning is sort of on hold for a bit while we pack and move. There are lots of calls that I could make that would take, like, a nano second, but I am a huge slacker and procrastinator, so they'll have to wait until after sanity has returned post-move.

Aaron is convinced that our combined procrastinatory tendencies will result in unplanned wedding chaos, but I prefer to think that it'll mean a very chill, laid back sort of celebration, where no one is freaking out about the cake being cut at the exact right moment. We're probably both right. :)
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