where did these people find eachother?

Chapter 1, boy meets.. people.

Really, it all started with these folks:

Those nice folks are Ambrose and Bex Ferber. Celeste went to highschool with the two of them and has been friends with them ever since. Bex at some point decided to go off to college at CSU, and Ambrose went with her, because he's crazy in love with her. Aaron decided to pursue a degree at CSU as well, and somehow Ambrose and Bex ended up becoming the eccentric naked guy in Aaron's dorm. (ok, that was just ambrose, but Bex was there.. with clothes on.)

The point is, Ambrose and Bex became good friends with Aaron.

Chapter 2, people make website

Fast forward.. quite a few years. We all graduated from school and found jobs around the area. At some point Ambrose gets the idea that he wants to make a website and put up some forums where all of his friends can waste away most of their workdays yakking about pointless topics and arguing politics. He does this thing. It's called 'brosenbex.com' (get it? that's their names!)

bouncy house? what?

At some point, among all the witty banter that ensued with aaron and celeste talking back and forth on this forum, a thread came up about an inflatable church Needless to say, being the persistent people that both Aaron and Celeste are, they are taking this gag as far as they possibly can.

The really cool side effect of this forum cropping up on the internet is that all of brosenbex's friends from highschool start turning up. One of those happened to be none other than Celeste. She went to school out in DC, and finished up at Mills College in the Oakland, CA area.

So Aaron is wasting time on the forums one day.. (something he still does to this day) and this really cool, smart, witty girl shows up and starts posting. At that point Aaron has developed a little digital crush on her. Knowing that relationships begun on the internet really never work, he abandons all hope of anything ever happening.

Chapter 3, Boy meets girl, punches girl in shoulder in a 4th grade fashion.

July 4th 2003: Celeste comes to Colorado for a BBQ! Ambrose and Bex have a fourth of july party, and convince many of the brosenbex.com posters to come out. Aaron and Celeste meet, sparks fly.. (well.. just the firework variety actually) Ya see, Aaron isn't the most skilled with girls, and succeeds in acting so professionally aloof that she goes home thinking he isn't interested at all.

Chapter 4, Boy lives in car, shows up on girl's doorstep

At some point, Aaron got rather restless, and decided he needed to do something interesting. Wireless internet was starting to pop up all over the place, and he decided, being a webmonkey, he can work from wherever he wants, as long as he can get on the internet. He then builds a bed in his car, and lives out of it for 19 days, traveling over 4000 miles, and writing about it as he goes. (click that to read the blog of the trip). Aaron called it the 'TechNomadic Lifestyle Experiment'. Still convincing himself that she has no interest in him, and a long distance relationship would never work anyway, he finds himself at her doorstep looking for a much needed shower.

Chapter 5, Phonecalls and plane trips.

Aaron stayed as long as he could, until Celeste actually told him to get back on the road. The rest of his trip was kind of sad, because he missed this girl. From then on they called each other about every night and he flew to California about once a month to see her.

Chapter 6, Girl migrates

In December 2003 Celeste packed all her stuff into Aaron’s Jetta and a truck driven by Aaron’s dad, said goodbye to rainy winters and drove off into the sunset—only to encounter snow and sleet all the way through California, Nevada and Wyoming. After some very brave driving on Aaron’s part through the aforementioned snow and sleet, and much to the surprise of everyone who knew her, Celeste had done gone moved to Colorado!

In typical Celeste leaping-before-looking fashion, she’d arrived with no place to live and no job—even Aaron thought she was crazy! Fortunately, there was a great group of friends there to catch her. In short order, she was living in Fort Collins with Jeremy, the awsomest roommate ever in the history of roomatedom and employed at Gulley Greenhouse—a job that she’d gotten through Bex (remember her? Celeste’s friends from high school and Aaron’s friend from college…). Shortly after that Aaron moved from Greeley to Fort Collins, into the carriage house of some more great friends, Nik and Sunda. Aaron and Celeste proceeded to get to know each-other in a way that you can’t when you live 958 miles apart. And, in addition to fighting a lot, they fell even more in love….and even more in love and still more in love. Until they both were afraid they would pop, so they turned down the love a bit.

Chapter 7, Tar Paper Love Shack, Baby

All this falling more in love eventually led to a desire to live together—so they could fight in private. And so they moved into to a little casa of their own-The Tarpaper Shack! Celeste got a job in Boulder, they adopted two cats, a fluffy one named Moo and an evil one named Snarky and had lots of friends over. In the summer they rode their bikes around downtown Fort Collins and in the winter they worked on projects together in Aaron’s office (aka The Computer Lab) with cats sleeping on their laps. And they were very happy in their little home they’d created together.

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