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Sheryl (aunt) Posted @: 2:28 PM 9.19.2006
Email your address to me ASAP...--removedToProtectFromSpammers-- I have a card for you I didn't leave at the reception that I'll mail
Trae Posted @: 2:27 PM 9.19.2006
Aaron its your cousin, mom said you're living in longmont now. I go skydiving there and got to thinking you would be one that might have an interest in such a thing. If you do let me know and you'll have to go with me next time. My email is --removedToProtectFromSpammers--
Rosella Posted @: 11:28 AM 9.3.2006
Celeste and Aaron,
Just perused your wedding site again. Celeste(maybe) I know you said you would get back to me regards pics however those two photos that we would like at cost sounds great. How much will the cost be. Could you please thank Carol for her generous offer? Rosella
Celeste Posted @: 9:34 PM 8.13.2006
Hi Dad!
fred Posted @: 10:15 PM 8.11.2006
it is by merle haggard
just googled it
googled ,, now a verb
fred Posted @: 9:58 PM 8.11.2006
ok one week from tomoorrow
can i request a song i just heard tonight

and how about good lovin???
Aaron's Mom Posted @: 6:22 PM 8.8.2006
Dan mailed the buttons to Aaron this morning.
Celeste Posted @: 4:16 PM 8.7.2006
Yay! I can't wait to see it!
Aaron's Mom Posted @: 12:02 PM 8.6.2006
Have a plan for the cake for the rehearsal dinner, Celeste. Let us know if we need to take anything else up from Sterling.
Celeste Posted @: 12:39 PM 8.4.2006
Two weeks and one day left! EEEEP!

Aaron Posted @: 9:48 AM 8.2.2006
Thanks Gav! No gifts are necessary. If you're the persistent type about such social obligations, there's a link at the bottom of the navigation there:
Aaron's childhood friend, Gavin Posted @: 1:50 PM 8.1.2006
I heard through the grapevine - congratulations! Where can I ship a gift?
Aaron Posted @: 9:51 PM 7.30.2006
Yay! good to hear it! Can't wait to see the cruiser! I'm psyched that so many people are planning on riding. I was afraid it might fizzle. : )
Celeste Posted @: 9:48 PM 7.30.2006
Hi Arianne! We're so happy to hear that you'll be joining in the bike parade.
Aaron's cousin Arianne Posted @: 7:41 PM 7.30.2006
I can't wait. We are big tour de fat fans so I will be ready with Grandma Doris's old cruiser. Hopefully. If we can get all the tire stuff together. See ya in two weeks!
Celeste Posted @: 8:52 PM 7.28.2006
Thanks Shane! I'm so glad to hear from you. :)
Shane Plossu (Celeste's old high school friend) Posted @: 12:03 AM 7.26.2006
Congrats to you both! If you are EVER in Seattle, do let me know. I have many friends who ride their bikes EVERYWHERE - down to Portland, up to Vancouver, BC, etc... That, plus you'd have a place to stay. :)
Aaron's Mom Posted @: 8:36 PM 7.25.2006
Hey, like the chatter on the website! Hope to take our bikes to the wedding (oops have I discussed that with Dan yet?). Probably need a definite time for the rehearsal so we can determine check in time at lodging etc.
Aaron Posted @: 7:45 AM 7.17.2006
Sorry Alice, the requestors range from 7 to 60 and i've got relatives that throw polka's to this day.

We'll mix it up as best we can. You can request more than one.. so throw some requests at us!
Ummmm... Posted @: 6:27 AM 7.17.2006
Instead of requesting a song, can I knock one off that list? I bet you didn't think people would be requesting those staple wedding tunes. I though we all hated those mobile dj jams.
Alice the great Posted @: 6:21 AM 7.17.2006
What a site! I can't wait to see you lovelies. Ride a bike in heels? I'm sure I can manage.
Celeste Posted @: 9:52 AM 7.14.2006
Thanks, Nik! That's a great suggestion. We will follow up with them. :)
Nik Posted @: 10:29 AM 7.13.2006
Let's ride bikes!!!

If you need a rental, Spring Creek Cycles rents recumbent bikes and trikes and are pretty reasonably priced.

Some recumbent styles may be easier on pants and such as well...
Celeste Posted @: 8:12 AM 6.30.2006
The site was all Aaron, so all the props go to him. :)
Sarah Posted @: 7:24 PM 6.29.2006
Well, I finally got on. This site has changed a lot! Great work (and I'm sure it was a lot of work) AB&C. I'll bring my own bike-it folds into the trunk of my car. Much love....
J Posted @: 1:54 PM 6.22.2006
AB - the site looks awesome. I hadn't visited in a while. There's lots more content & I really like the format and the way it's categorized!
Aaron Posted @: 8:03 AM 6.21.2006
nope.. you're not a member.. but you can click 'join this group' easily enough..

(i made it members only so we would have some form of spam control.)
Niki Posted @: 7:36 PM 6.20.2006
Also, I am officially "not a member" and "cannot post" over at Google.

Also, the history is so cute! Why did nobody tell me of its existence?

I'm so excited for you two.
Niki Posted @: 7:30 PM 6.20.2006
Totally missed that SG had been revived, as bouncy house of love. Did I miss a memo? Anyhoo, also missed the part about where there was a google group.

I'll try to get more up to speed, but count me in for bikes.
Aaron Posted @: 9:37 AM 6.20.2006
Aww.. bummer, I'd hoped the google group thing would work.. Problem is, not many people have really even looked at the site.

I added your yahoo address to the google group. You shouldn't need to authorize now.
tammyt Posted @: 3:11 PM 6.18.2006
Looking at flights today and trying to organize travel plans...tried to join your google group but something's up with my yahoo account and I can't get my confirmation email...anyway--What hotel are young out of towners staying at?? Anyone interested in carpooling from Denver? I did try to use the correct forum for these questions...please don't PUNISH me!!!
fred Posted @: 9:04 AM 6.17.2006
heyy hay haaay
trying to book flights today sat 6-17
hope you are enjoying this spring and summer
love dad
Celeste's cousin Al Posted @: 1:09 PM 6.15.2006
Wow. Cool site, i'm not sure if I can make it out yet, but i'm going to try.
Billy Posted @: 9:40 AM 6.15.2006
Uhh..nope. That would be my fault and not understanding this new numbering system we have. I'm in on the 16th
Aaron Posted @: 9:14 AM 6.15.2006
Eep! The wedding is on the 19th! Where did the 23rd come from? I hope i didn't post that somewhere.
Billy Posted @: 11:34 AM 6.14.2006
Im booked flight and hotel. Be coming in on the 23rd around 4pm. May need a ride from the airport though..
Celeste Posted @: 8:04 PM 6.11.2006
hehe..request any song you like--especially songs from the 80's! As long as it's sure to make you dance, we're game. :)
Hough Family Posted @: 12:26 PM 6.9.2006
We LOVE the invites...
We can really request a song...even if it is from the 80's, like from our wedding???
We can really ride our bikes???
This is going to be soooo AB&C (Awesome, Bonding(???) and Cool, that is!!!) Can't wait
Rosella Posted @: 4:08 PM 5.14.2006
Arin & Celeste,

Lover's day here. It is the best of weather hope you have a ditto. Sorry, to hear about your data loss Arin. Celeste I imagine it will be work for you as well.

Sunshine and blossoms. Love ya'll Rosella
Celeste Posted @: 2:07 PM 5.11.2006
Thanks for the link, Michelle..thos are super cute!
Aaron Posted @: 4:26 PM 5.8.2006
oh get off my back... we don't have the actual invites finished yet..

but yeah.. i need to get off my ass.
Tom (the brother) Posted @: 3:26 PM 5.8.2006
I was going to post something here when I came to RSVP. Since that feature might not happen until late August, I'd better say hello before the site is obsolete.

Who's bringing their bikes? Who's up for a group ride?
Michelle Gentry Posted @: 8:25 AM 5.3.2006
Celeste Posted @: 2:05 PM 5.2.2006
hehe..awsome. Send me the link!
Michelle Gentry Posted @: 7:16 PM 4.30.2006
Hey Celeste-I saw some great wedding stamps at the post office and thought of you. Plus I like to annoy Aaron, so telling you about them should accomplish that :)
ZOMG! Posted @: 9:41 PM 4.25.2006
Celest you need to call or write or something!! are you even ALIVE!!?? just kidding So how are you? im pretty good. i am livin with dad for a week casuse my moms out of town. it sucks
Aaron Posted @: 1:08 PM 4.5.2006
Yeah, not many new developments because celeste has been tied up with expo. We're getting back into the swing of things though. I'll probably post about our major setback shortly. : (
Aaron's Mom Posted @: 6:40 PM 4.4.2006
Hey, not a lot going on in the bouncy house of love. I thought I would start some conversation. We are 4 months and 15 days away from the wedding if my figures are correct. We need more chatter on this website:-)
Cora and friend Posted @: 9:45 PM 3.4.2006
friend (brooke): bouncy house of luv? lol... that is good!
Cora: yea i no.... hey ppl!
Aaron Posted @: 1:54 PM 2.27.2006
Thanks Trae! Good to see ya!
Aaron's cousin Trae Posted @: 1:23 PM 2.27.2006
hey Aaron and Celeste just thought I would check out your site and say congrats!!
Celeste Posted @: 9:29 AM 2.12.2006
See Aaron! People notice the stamps! It's the details that count. :D
Rosella and Fred Posted @: 10:47 PM 2.10.2006
periodically perusing your site---always a kick and tonite we checked out Aaron's wi-fi romance tech trip!!!wheeee...that pulsing heart on the olympic ceremoney was waaay hot ;;\ have one idea for the arbor it involves zeros and ones ......... any way numbers
guess.....yea, its Cora Posted @: 4:25 PM 2.10.2006
Michelle Gentry Posted @: 9:35 AM 2.9.2006
Too late, Aaron. All of our wedding mailings had special stamps too :)
Aaron Posted @: 9:44 AM 2.8.2006
Don't buy into the massive USPS stamp conspiracy Michelle.. boring american flags would have done just fine.

; ) girls...
Michelle Gentry Posted @: 9:20 AM 2.8.2006
Hey guys- I loved the save the date card (especially the stamps) and the website! What fun!
senna Posted @: 8:46 AM 2.4.2006
hey monkies. too much to handle- i love it. i really can't believe i'm looking at this!! Celeste- you look beautiful- BEAUTIFUL!!! Let's talk soon. i'm sitting here with papa fred in missoula. love you guys. i'll call sooner or later. peace out.
Kris Posted @: 11:39 AM 1.28.2006
hey, I love the invitation, and the website! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Celeste Posted @: 12:10 PM 1.24.2006
Hi Bexaroo! Thanks for stopping by. Glad we were able to spread our STD around. :)
Bex Ferber Posted @: 2:36 PM 1.21.2006
we got our STD (eeeewwwwee) ;) in the mail the other day. Awesome cards. Looking forward to the big event. Can't wait. We'll be there with bells on, and nothing else for Brose. He is now famous for his lack of modesty.

We're here for ya, let us know if you need any help with planning.
Aaron's Mom Posted @: 6:37 PM 1.20.2006
We are voting for some oldies music on the song list.
Celeste Posted @: 9:57 AM 1.20.2006
Thanks, Sunda. It was fun to put together.

Hi Cora's friends. And hi Gordan and Debbie--of course I remember you. :)
Sunda Posted @: 8:52 AM 1.20.2006
I loved y'all's save-the-date card! It was super cute. :) Looking forward to the event of the year!
Melissa Posted @: 6:54 PM 1.19.2006
Hey!!! This is Cora's friend!!!! Congratz!
gordan and debbie Posted @: 5:26 PM 1.19.2006
hi, remember us?
congrats! glad you are happy!
we are over for dinner at freds, coras and rosellas.
Cora! Posted @: 5:26 PM 1.19.2006
hey check out the photos!
Celeste Posted @: 9:20 PM 1.18.2006
Hi Jessie, Dad, Cora and Karen!
Jessie Mazur Posted @: 8:57 PM 1.18.2006
Hi, I'm Cora's friend. Congrats!
dad and cora Posted @: 8:39 PM 1.18.2006
i love being married, its so great to find that one special person you wnat to annoy for the rest of your life...
(from Fish fables)
i m a nobody, nobody is perfect, there for i m perfect!
Aaron Posted @: 6:26 PM 1.18.2006
weird, that worked when i put that page up. Anyway.. should be more precise now.
Mom Posted @: 6:26 PM 1.18.2006
The Lincoln Center directions need some refining. That link took me to a map of the U.S. I zoomed in and think I ended up in another state. Mom
Fred Posted @: 4:49 PM 1.18.2006
hello, finally got on to your great websight!
Cora Warf Kramer Posted @: 4:48 PM 1.18.2006
hey you lovers! we (me and dad) love your websight! I cant wait for the wedding!!!
Celeste Posted @: 2:59 PM 1.17.2006
Aaron Posted @: 12:17 PM 1.16.2006
Hi! Welcome to the comments page. Feel free to post whatever you want here.

(i do monitor this via email, so if you happen to be a spammer or other lower life form that happened to stumble across this site your post won't last long.)
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