Lets Ride Bikes!

You may be asking yourself, "Self, what do you think the deal is with Aaron and Celeste and Bikes?"

Basically, Aaron comes from a family that dabbled in bikes for much of his life. He also has a brother, Thomas, who is very in to cycling of every size and shape. (last count for bikes in his garage: Over 10, and a unicycle.)

When Aaron and Celeste lived in Fort Collins, they rode bikes alot. They rode to the grocery store for most of their groceries, they rode to parties at friends houses and anywhere else time and distance would allow.

So one day, they're riding to Whole Foods and they are passing through the CSU campus Oval area, and they pass a mess of white chairs. Someone was having a wedding there, and they thought that was a great idea.

The other thing that has really inspired Aaron and Celeste to bring a bunch of bikes to a wedding, is New Belgium's Tour de Fat. Which is essentially a big party celebrating bike culture. Every year, they kick off the party with a bike parade that tours around town. They just felt like stirring a bit of that in.

So, what is the plan?

The wedding party will bring bikes to ride (those flying in can rent). The wedding party will start riding into the ceremony from somewhere behind the scenes (that we haven't designated yet). When the ceremony is over we'll all get on bikes and ride in a big parade over to the reception.

Anyone who wants to join in the parade can bring bikes to the oval and hop on them as we ride off into the sunset. If cars are left at the oval site, and you end up riding bikes over to the lincoln center, it should be a short walk (ride) back to your car after the reception. Consult the map and google maps for directions and distances.

Logistical Stuff / Safety.

In order for this to work well, some things need to be mentioned so you can plan ahead.

Bikes eat pants

Older cruiser style bikes used to have a chain guard that kept your pant leg or shoestrings from getting eaten in your bike's front gear. This handy feature is no longer standard equipment on most bikes. As people will most likely be wearing nice clothing, we'd hate for your nice pants, or a pair of dress shoestrings to get eaten. If you intend to ride you should bring a strap for your pantleg. Also, before you ride you should tuck your right shoestrings into your shoe.

Preventing Theft at the Ceremony

We will most likely come up with a really long security cable or chain for all the bikes that end up at the party. We will then designate someone the 'bike check'. You will have to find them to release your bike from the pile at the end of the night. Bring your own lock to avoid this hassle.


We haven't shopped around too much yet, but i called Recycled Cycles and they said they will rent pretty much anything they have around. They said they generally rent their mountainbikes, but they also have cruisers. (We're gunning for the cruisers ; ) If you know someone willing to give up control, (or you are) you could double up on a tandem and rental would be much cheaper.

I'm looking into other rental alternatives. I'll post here as i find em.. This is all I've been able to dig up on the internet.

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